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Prime Home was created because the need for personal home management is a growing necessity in today’s world.  Time is a precious commodity, and in today’s fast-paced society, homeowners have very little time to do the tasks required to maintain their homes between work, personal, and family responsibilities. Our services will not only get the tasks completed; they will also save our clients time, allow them to focus on their health and well-being, and enable them to spend more time with family, friends, hobbies, or work projects.  Essentially, what Prime Home offers is attention, assistance, service and time that you do not have, making your lives easier, more relaxing and enjoyable.


The entrepreneurial spirit was instilled at a very young age for the founder, David Cotter.  His father started an electrical company when he was young, Prime Electric.  David was not able to follow in his footsteps so he decided to name his company after his father’s so the tradition could live on.  He learned how to run a company THE RIGHT WAY by watching how his dad not only treated his clients but his employees.  He goes above and beyond for anyone and everyone, always did his work right the first time and customer service was always his number one priority! David plans to take what he has learned from watching his father operate and instill those characteristics into Prime Home.  We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and we want all of our customers to know that we will be there for them from start to finish, day or night.


Let Prime Home be the final piece of the puzzle to maintain or improve your home!




David and his wife, Claire, daughter Evie and dog, Pennie.